Company Overview
Historically, global health interventions have reflected the global power structure—Western designed, male-led, top-down responses to acute disease outbreaks offering only incremental improvements to health systems. Global health leaders are rarely representative of the populations they serve, nor diverse in academic or professional discipline. As a result, the design of health interventions often overlook the perspective of those being served. Meanwhile, the health workforce lacks needed capacities such as logistics, finance, and communications. Global Health Corps (GHC) strives for a more bottom-up health system championed by a network of new leaders who strive to strengthen and transform health systems through a systems approach to inspecting and disrupting the status quo. GHC recruits diverse young professionals and places them into existing health organizations and government agencies in East and Southern Africa and the United States to address current capacity gaps. Nearly 900 fellows have completed the program at more than 100 health organizations and government ministries. GHC’s unique ‘co-fellow’ model pairs a national and an international fellow to promote cross-cultural collaboration and ensure inclusion of diverse perspectives and approaches. The GHC model cultivates non-traditional talent in the field of global health and builds a close -knit network of more systems-minded, cross-culturally competent, and resilient leaders for the future.