Company Overview
In developing countries, people who live more than an hour’s walk from the nearest health clinic are at increased risk of dying from preventable or treatable diseases. Health ministries often try to serve these populations by mobilizing community health workers (CHWs), but are unable to support them with adequate pay, training, diagnostic tools, medicines, and supplies. Last Mile Health partners with government to deploy and manage networks of community health professionals integrated into the public health system. With training in maternal and child health, family planning, treatment adherence, and surveillance of epidemics, together with mentorship from nurse supervisors, these CHWs deliver high quality healthcare to remote communities. Newborn mortality has decreased, and the percentage of children receiving treatment for diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia has increased. As a result of this success, Last Mile Health now supports the Liberian Ministry of Health to implement the approach nationwide, preparing policy documents, training curricula and impact measurement tools, and coordinating with NGO partners.