Company Overview
Human trafficking is a low-risk, high-profit criminal industry, enslaving more than 20 million people each year in forced labor and commercial sex and generating some $150 billion in profits. Law enforcement agencies lack data about trafficking patterns, specific sub-types, and locations. Victims rarely have access to channels of communication for help. Less than one percent of victims are identified globally each year. Polaris systematically disrupts human trafficking networks and restores freedom to survivors. Grounded in data gathered from victims’ experiences, Polaris directly supports victims, equips key stakeholders with data to address and prevent human trafficking, and intervenes in specific industries through targeted campaigns. With experience and expertise from direct victim services such as hotlines and resource centers to policy advocacy, Polaris provides a data backbone for the sector. This data enhances law enforcement access to tips and actionable information, identifies gaps in services and resources, and facilitates collaboration to support organizations and agencies across the United States and eventually, around the world. Working together to find and support victims, and prosecute traffickers, they seek to reverse the risk-to-reward ratio and destroy the industry.